How we do it.

Our marketing is tailor-made for startups.

Lean marketing for startups.

The Lean Startup approach focuses on product development through validating hypotheses. It works with measuring, evaluations and learning. It is based on constant innovation. We work the same way in the case of marketing. Assumptions and feelings are replaced by facts and results.

All ideas are examined through real data and we continuously develop them. We don’t stick to our own opinions and ideas, but to the goal we want to reach together.

Benefits for you:
  • Ability to adapt to any changes.
  • Constant innovation and progress.
  • Compatibility with the quick startup environment.


One-page Marketing Plan.

Forget about hundred-page long strategies, which are full of empty words no one is able to turn into reality. We have developed an original canvas which briefly and efficiently guides through all marketing essentials and gives you a clear action plan for your project.

This easy strategic map will help you get faster to the market, customers and undisputable results. It will allow you to aim, analyze and innovate more precisely.

Benefits for you:
  • Understandable and practical marketing setup.
  • Exactly set goals, KPIs and budgets.
  • Clear plan on what to do, when and how.


Program > Accelerate.

This program helps you build your marketing communication faster and more efficiently. Through proven methods and innovative tools, we will find answers to all of your critical marketing questions together.

We will get important data for decision-making, use analysis and facilitate joint workshops and in the end, create specific procedures and plans.

Benefits for you:
  • Fast development of your marketing base.
  • Clear answers on what to do.
  • More effective marketing communication.



Startups go through quick development and tight connection to your team is therefore a crucial condition for success. Our philosophy is to be at your disposal any time within your own structure. Thanks to the temporary merger of our teams, we can maximize both our and your advantages, benefits and knowledge and enrich each other. We are partners, not contractors.

Benefits for you:
  • Greater synergy and experience sharing.
  • Faster and more efficient cooperation.
  • Rewarding system based on success fee.


Logic & Magic.

We use both hemispheres. We don’t let ourselves get carried away by assumptions. Based on facts, we build insights which then serve as the basis for our effective strategies and creative and innovative ideas. Everything has a single purpose. To come up with a solution that will bring results which will help you reach your set goal.

Benefits for you:
  • Creative approach supported by clear facts.
  • Reasonable and functional innovations.
  • Source of constructive thoughts and insights.



Nowadays, there is a tool for almost any task. From web development through marketing automation to analytics. There are hundreds of them, but how do you choose the right one?

We search and pick smart and effective tools for you. There is no need to browse the internet, compare and pay for overpriced services. We will help you with selection, implementation and use.

Benefits for you:
  • Selection of proven and functional tools.
  • Carefree implementation.
  • Cost optimization.


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