Who we are.

Awarded marketing professionals who want to do things differently. Meaningfully and with results.

Core team

We have worked for various clients from global corporations to local startups - for all types of customers and target groups. We have built strategies for marketing budgets worth both multi-millions and thousands. Many of our clients have become number one in their field.

We have collected marketing awards for traditional marketing, digital and effectivity as well. We have gone through the old-school marketing and at the same time, been the first to have been trained in top-notch trends. We haven’t stopped there either so we have tailored our own methods and tools customized for the agile world of startups.

We are connected by the desire to help startups realize their own unique visions. We believe in a better world full of innovative approaches, successful ideas and happy customers.

Petr Mandík

Formal national beach football representative, whatever that means. However, he has positive aspects as well. He is persistent, very strong on telephone and able to quickly orientate himself.

Popular and reliable partner for any formation that can hold both the ball and playmates and utilize any pass. With his motorcycle, he takes control of the traffic anywhere he goes, which might be sometimes unexpectedly far away. Meeting and strategy champion.

Petr is a mentor in European Space Agency Business incubator, CzechInvest CzechStarter program, Laboratoř Nadace Vodafone and more.

Pavel D. Bartoš

Passionate musician on whom any guitar is happy to lean. No pace stops him, so he can play both very slow and extremely quick songs. The only thing he can’t deal with is Czech pop music.

He can name all saunas in Prague - regardless of being asked for it. Early adopter of any application which supports self-confidence, Ellon Musk and hamburgers. A cyclist who will fall off the bike on every ride, just to make it memorable.

Pavel is a mentor European Space Agency Business incubator, CzechInvest CzechStarter program, DEX-IC, Founders Institute, Laboratoř Nadace Vodafone and more.

Martin Navrátil

Passionate sudoku player who is able to squeeze a ten in a row consisting of numbers from one to nine. As a native multitasker, he is able to procrastinate on up to twenty projects simultaneously.

Among his significant advantages, there is an ability to come up with unrememberable passwords and also the fact that even the smartest phones seem to get dumb around him. He would like to become a world champion in fast-reading and lotto.

We connect all professionals with the same passion.

We love to work with the best of the best. With our internal team, we form a creative, energetic hub of external coworkers, freelancers, befriended agencies and partners. We build custom-made work teams in accordance with the specific needs of every client. We are a living organism ready for any challenge.

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